Welcome to Big Island Dry Cleaners

Thank you for choosing Big Island Dry Cleaners, servicing Hawaii Island with THREE locations: Hilo, Kamuela, and Kailua-Kona.  With a newly renovated dry clean facility to serve you.

We have the most eco-friendly, most non-toxic, drycleaner in Hawaii. We do not use the most common dryclean solvents – perchloroethylene (aka Dowper), synthetic petroleum (aka DF 2000 or EcoSolv) and formaldehyde dibutyl acetal (aka Solvon/System K4) – are all classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These are regulated by the Federal and State on how it it used and disposed of.

Come experience the new age in drycleaning at the most ENVIRONMENTALLY safe drycleaning process.